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Widespread Abuse and Massive Coverup in Amish Country
February 24, 2024 |

“The Amish are not exempt from an independent investigation, and yet as soon as the CCI gets involved, it is no…

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Sexual Abuse of Amish Women and Teenagers – The David Clark Case
February 17, 2024 |

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you. ~ Maya Angelou There was widespread abuse of Amish…

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Photo by Saloma Furlong
Building a Cultural Bridge in Lancaster
December 30, 2023 |

Several weeks ago, I started a part-time volunteer job at Safe Communities. I wrote about the restorative experience here on this…

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Sounds and Reflections from Pennsylvania Amish Country
September 5, 2023 |

I should write, “from Pennsylvania Amish and Mennonite Country.” Until I moved here, I had no idea how many Old Order…

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My Journey, Part 2
August 6, 2023 |

By Aleta Schrock Continued from Part 1. After I had returned home from teaching at the Old Order Mennonite church school…

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My Journey
July 30, 2023 |

By Aleta Schrock, Part 1 I hated to see the end of my eighth-grade school year. Learning was fun, but the…

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Making Space for the Unforeseen
July 25, 2023 |

It seems our five-year-old friend was wise in giving his advice. We landed in a small apartment on Main Street in…

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New Horizons
June 29, 2023 |

In my last post, I promised to bring you some news of what is happening in my life. David and I…

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